swtor_boxFounded on December 5th, 2011 as a guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic (EA), The Exiled Hand has become more than a guild – we’re an online gaming community whose members enjoy playing a multitude of games together. We are a friendly, well organized, mature gaming group that values the person behind the character, and we strive to foster a feeling of “belonging” for all members.


We originally started playing SW:TOR together in 2011, and we have occasionally expanded our presence into a few other online multiplayer games such as Elder Scrolls Online (Bethesda) and WildStar (Carbine). Some of our members have had the pleasure of beta testing few of these games, and have spent countless hours working to provide the developers constructive feedback. We do this to help the developers release something that the gaming community will flock to, as well as testing out the game to see if it is a good fit for The Exiled Hand.


Currently, our main presence is in SW:TOR on The Shadowlands, and we are actively recruiting new members to join our ranks. As we expand into other realms, we’ll update the site to include recruitment information for those games so you can help us build The Exiled Hand into a wide spanning community with a respected presence in each of the games we play together.



Come with us and fight the Republic across the galaxy!

Server Name: The Shadowlands
Guild Master: Kal’yce
Officers: Raghh, Keelia, and Antilles Lightstar
Faction: Sith Empire
Voice Chat: Discord (click “Join Server” in the right bar)
Chat Channel: /cjoin exiledhand teh
PvE: Yes
PvP: Yes
Role-Playing: No