Online Gaming Community Charter

Guild Name: The Exiled Hand
Focus: PvE/PvP
Average Play Time: Evenings/Nights & Weekends, Eastern Time Zone
Contact: EHGuildLeader-at-gmail-dot-com
Last Updated: May 4th, 2017


Guild Summary
The Exiled Hand (EH) was formed for people looking for a relaxed, mature gaming experience where they can build friendly, social relationships in Star Wars: The Old Republic. We have since expanded into other online games. Having the right attitude is more important to us than character build, level, or gear, and we strive to recruit members who want to play together in group situation and are able to have a good time. This guild is not, however, for people whose primary goal is racing to reach the level cap and running constant raids to for the highest level of gear. EH was originally founded by Star Wars super fans, so we try to bring that level of excitement to all of the games we play together.


The Exiled Hand is a mature community with a primary focus on PvE content, but open to all play-styles. Our goal is to have a great group of members to run larger group content with, while at the same time encouraging (and helping) our members reach their own personal/character goals. Although participation in guild chat and/or guild events is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged because it helps build a sense of community among our members – we’d like to get to know you.


What members can expect from The Exiled Hand
There are a number of different types of players in The Exiled Hand, so members should expect a wide range of skills/expertise that ultimately cover every aspect of the game – PvE, PvP, Small Group Content, Raiding, Lore, Crafting, etc. The founding members feel that helping guild mates is one of the most important aspect of the guild’s core goals. Members can also expect that the Council will make decisions with the input of all members, so even non-council members have a voice in the guild.


What The Exiled Hand expects from it’s members
The Council of The Exiled Hand expect members to act accordingly and be courteous to each other, and the gaming communities in general. When your character sports a guild tag for The Exiled Hand, you are representing our community and we hope that your actions help to show non-members what we’re all about. We’re all in the game to have fun, so all members (regardless of rank) are expected to treat other members with respect.


Being part of a gaming community means knowing you have other players you can rely on, and it is our hope that our members can count on each other in times of need. As such, members are encouraged to help other members (crafting, PvE, PvP, group quests, etc) as long as it does not detract from their own gaming experience to do so.


All guild/community communications (including in-game messages, Discord chat and/or Facebook ) are expected to be read and responded to if needed.


Membership Ranks
Membership in The Exiled Hand is based on a player’s ability to be friendly, helpful and mature. All members of EH are encouraged to show allegiance and interest in the guild and its activities. Activities include, but are not limited to, participating in guild events, Raids, PvP, helping and playing with other members, and generally keeping a known presence in the community.

The ranking system is as follows:

Recruit: This rank is given to all new invites. There is no Guild Bank access for a Recruit. To move up to the next rank, a Recruit must have an account on the guild’s website (and/or ‘Like’ our Facebook page), and run content with current guild members to determine how well they fit in to the community.

Member: Members are required to have an account on the community website. Members are able to invite new Recruits into the guild, vote on guild policy, and have access to the Guild Bank.

Founder: Members who helped form The Exiled Hand in the beginning and have shaped it into the community we have today. This is a rank of recognition for dedication.

Advisor: Members who have shown an expertise in some or all aspects of the game and/or The Exiled Hand.  These members are available to answer questions from other members if a Council Member is not online. 

Council: Members who show an extensive understanding of EH’s goals and policies, and have proven their dedication to the guild will be asked to sit on the Council. All members of the Council must agree to the appointment of new Council member before it is made. Members of the Council have the final say on all guild decisions and policies including the right to veto any movements that they feel don’t accurately define the goals of EH. Appointment to the Council will be rare, and should not be expected.

Guild Leader/Master: The guild leader/master is an administrative necessity to ensure the different membership ranks have adequate access to guild resources, and oversees all guild activities to make sure they adhere to the guild’s goals and policies. One of the Council members will hold this role by necessity, however the Council rules together as equals regardless of who maintains the Guild Leader role. If the Council member who currently holds the Guild Leader role is leaving EH, a vote among remaining Council members will determine who will take on responsibility of maintaining the Guild Leader duties. Only members of the Council can be chosen to become the Guild Leader.


Other Notes About Ranks:

– A member’s rank is set for all of their characters that are in the guild.

– Members of any rank that have been away from the game for 1 month will be demoted 1 rank (lowest rank is Member)

– Members of any rank that have been away from the game for 3 months, will be demoted to Member rank.

– Members of any rank that have been away from the game for 6 months or more will be removed from the guild.

– It is recommended and encouraged that all players of rank Member and higher put credits into the Guild Bank whenever they can spare some to make sure there are always adequate funds on hand.


Rules & Policies

Guild rules are as follows:

– Members will treat other players (guild and/or non-guild) with respect.

– Members will not intentionally disrupt guild events, or other player’s gaming enjoyment.

– Members will adhere to the guidelines written in this charter, as well as follow the spirit and intentions of the community.


The success of The Exiled Hand relies heavily on our members being open and honest with each other, and hopefully issues can be worked out peacefully between members on their own. However, there may come a time when things are not running smoothly, and a member wants to log a grievance against another member or policy.


Although we’ve never had to use it, The Exiled Hand has a grievance system in place, in which members of all ranks are treated equally. If any member wishes to register a complaint, he/she can do so by three different methods:

In-Game Mail Message: any member can send an in-game message to a Council member with their complaint, and it will be investigated as soon as possible.

In-Game Private Chat: any member can send an in-game private chat to a Council member to begin the investigation process immediately.

Out-of-Game E-Mail Message: any member can send an e-mail to EHGuildLeader-at-gmail-dot-com explaining the issues and the Guild Leader will assign a member of the Council to investigate the grievance.


When a grievance has been made, a Council member will investigate the incident. If the complaint is found to be valid, a warning will be issued to the offending guild member, as well as additional steps if deemed necessary. If a guild member has too many warnings about infractions attributed to them, that member may be removed from the The Exiled Hand community.


Examples of possible infractions include, but are not limited to:

– Disrespecting fellow guild mates

– Making racial, derogatory, or offensive comments

– Constant harsh language

– Causing disruption to a guild event

– Stealing guild credits/loot from the guild bank

– Disregarding warnings and/or discipline from a member of the Council.