The Exiled Hand Community Rules & Guidelines

We encourage freedom of speech.  However, keep your posts within the borders of these rules:


1. Site policy is non-debatable. Any violation of these rules will result in appropriate disciplinary action as described in the Guild Charter.


2. No swearing, vulgarity, adult-only, or other questionable content including racial, religious, age, marital status, gender, or sexually-oriented slurs. Keep the website “Family Oriented”.


3. Please try to post in the appropriate forum. No Cross Posting (posting more than one of the same topic or subject matter within multiple posts or multiple areas). Violations will be deleted or moved to the appropriate area by an administrator.


4. This is a drama free community website. Personal arguments or discussions aimed at individuals should not be posted.


5. No spamming or flaming.


6. Discussions that promote or encourage illegal, unethical, or immoral activities are prohibited.


If you have questions, comments, or concerns regarding use of these forums, please contact a Council Member, or email the guild leader. All issues will be handled appropriately as described in the Guild Charter.


Bugs should be reported to the site Administrator.