Here are some of the questions that are asked of us most frequently. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the list below, please use the Contact Us form to send us a message and we’ll help you out.

Wait, what?  Jaundice or Choka, is that you?  Yes, we do, in fact, have a website … and a Facebook page.  Check them out to keep up to date on The Exiled Hand!

We have a number of options for getting ahold of us either in game or out of game:


– Contact Form on this here website

– Our Facebook page

– Our custom in-game channel on The Shadowlands (/cjoin exiledhand teh)

– Send an in-game whisper to Kal’yce, Raghh, Keelia, or Antilles Lightstar


If you have any questions, just let us know!

The best way to look at the differences between the EH Cantina community and The Exiled Hand guild is similar to what you learned about squares and rectangles:


A square is always a rectangle, but a rectangle is not always a square.


All members of The Exiled Hand guild are members of the EH Cantina community; however the inverse isn’t always true.  The EH Cantina community website is a resource that the entire SWTOR player population can use and be a part of regardless of which server or faction they play on.  We’re a guild owned and operated informational community fansite.  That’s a thing, right?!?

The first thing I’d recommend you do is go ahead and read through the about us and the guild charter.  This is so you know what  you can expect from The Exiled Hand as a guild, as well as what we expect from our guild members.


If you’re still interested in joining the guild, please post a small blurb about yourself and/or your character in the in our Discord channel or on our Facebook page.  After that, one of us will get in touch with you in game and work out a guild invitation.

Easy as pie!

… mmmmmm … pie …

Joining the EH Cantina community website is as easy as filling out this very simple registration form, and pressing the “Register” button.


Honestly, I’m not sure it can get much easier than that!  Oh?  It could get easier?  Well, this is as easy as we’re going to let it get – we want to make sure our community members have what it takes to enter their desired username and current e-mail address.  It’s to keep the scruffy-looking nerf herders out … they’re trouble!

You found a problem on the website?!  Oh man … I’m really sorry about that!  Listen, do me a favor?  Fill out the contact form (select “Report an Error” in the reason dropdown menu) and let us know some details about what the error was and where you saw it.   We’ll have our people look into it.