KotET Conversion Rates

1 Warzone Commendation = 50 Credits

1 Common Crystal = 500 credits

1 Glowing Crystal = 1,000 credits

1 Radiant Crystal = 1,500 credits

Upon logging in on 11/29 each of these currencies will be completely removed from the game and the appropriate credits will have been granted to each character on your account. Note that there is a 2 million credit per character limit on this conversion. Please check the conversion table above, if you would earn more than 2 million credits on a character, we recommend that you spend the appropriate currency before that time so that it is not lost. If you have any questions about this conversion, let us know.

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Make sure you pay extra special attention to this:

“Note that there is a 2 million credit per character limit on this conversion.”

Don’t get burned!


Still no word on what is scheduled to happen with unused gear tokens, so keep your eyes peeled for that information.

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  1. So they won’t make the existing comms transfer into the new CXP? Lame.

    Like people need any more credits for currency…it’s going to ruin the GTN for awhile.

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